Centre-in-Japan,  October 2010 – January 2011

** The Centre-in-Japan program is housed at Yamaguchi Prefectural University, a small university in the Western ancient capital of the Ouchi culture.  In this city of temples and pagodas is the famous 1442 Rurikoji temple.  Nearby are the restorative baths of the ancient Yuda Hot Springs.  Centre students who have participated in the last ten years have been extraordinarily pleased with the truly global experience they have had in this unique program.      

** This exchange may be of particular interest to students interested in international relations, history, government, anthropology/sociology, economics, or philosophy, but is designed for any Centre student.  It is for 5-10 students.

** The program begins at the very end of September and runs through most of January.  Students fly back in time for a brief rest before the start of spring term.

** Students who will have studied at least a year of Japanese will be given strong preference for this program, but students who have not studied Japanese will be considered. 

** Application forms and faculty recommendation forms can be printed off using the link accessed on the study abroad page on Centre’s website. You should give the recommendation forms to your faculty recommenders early in January.  Turn in your completed application at the Study-Abroad office no later than 4:00 on Monday, February 8th.  You may not email your application in.  The selection committee may interview all applicants.  You will learn of your status by e-mail on February 25th. 

** There is a $350 deposit/surcharge for this program, due in the Cashier’s Office in Boles Hall by noon on Monday, March 8th.  Students who have made their plane reservations and selected their Yamaguchi courses by May 1st will receive $800 toward their plane tickets, which has cost about $1200 in the recent past. 

** Incoming freshmen who may be interested should take Japanese 110 and 120 during the fall and spring terms of their freshman year.  They then apply for the program in the winter of their freshman year and study in Japan from October through January of their sophomore year.  Yamaguchi Prefectural University has recently published an extensive handbook designed to give Centre students much information about everything from housing and home-stay etiquette to how classes are conducted.

** One plus in this program is that students from Yamaguchi University often study on the Centre campus.  When Centre students arrive in Japan, they already have a few contacts and friends.

** Except for the Japanese language class and some non-credit “cultural experiences” such as Calligraphy, Judo, Pottery, and Japanese Tea Ceremony, all classes are taught in English.  Classes recently offered include “International Relations,” “Zen Philosophy and Zen Culture in Japan,” “Politics of Japan,” “History of US-Japan Relations,” “International Economics and Japanese Society,” “Japan Through its Literature, History, and Art,” “A Cultural Comparison between the US and Japan,” “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages,” and “Moral Education in Japan and China.”    

** Interested students will want to check out the “Travel Journals” on the Centre website by Centre-in-China participants Laura French ’09 and the earlier one written by Scott Duzan ’05.

Application for Centre In Japan 2010-2011

Faculty Recommendation form, Centre In Japan


For more information on Centre's Study Abroad Program, contact Milton Reigelman or Lisa Nesmith.