"Everything will work out just fine."

I am the Van Winkle Professor of Sociology at Centre College.

I teach mostly about family, religion, and social class, though I have a certain notoriety for a course on coffeehouses.

I have studied competition within religious institutions for twenty years, especially in the Presbyterian Church. Recently, I have turned my research focus to the culture of the "creative class."

I serve Centre College as a teacher, as a member of the Anthropology and Sociology program, as a diversity proponent, as advisor to student Democrats and badminton players.

I serve the Presbyterian Church as an elder, scholar, teacher, and committeeman.

I serve Danville as a high school council member, coffeehouse regular, Democratic Party footsoldier, and general busybody.

I write a daily blog, The Gruntled Center

I have a brief c.v. here .


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