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I have been teaching sociology happily at Centre College since 1990. I founded the Anthropology and Sociology program here, along with Phyllis Passariello.

I have taught 26 different courses in that time.

The required courses that I now teach for the program (major) are:

Introduction to Sociology; Social Structure, Macrosociological Theory; and a Senior Seminar on Class Culture.

The elective courses that I teach for the college are:

Introduction to Family Life; Sociology of Family Life; Sociology of American Religion; and a First Year Seminar on Cafés and Public Life.

I have led study abroad programs in London and South Africa. In 2009 I will take students to Australia.

Before I came to Centre I was a Research Associate in the Office of Research of the U.S. Department of Education.




2008 - 09 Courses


SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology syllabus. Student Webpages: 2008.

2007. 2006.

SOC 120 Social Structure syllabus.

SOC 310 Sociology of Family Life syllabus.

Centre Term

SOC 355/455 Australian National Identity.


SOC 103 Introduction to Family Life (old) syllabus.

Other Courses

FRS 154 Cafés and Public Life syllabus. Schedule. (First Year Studies)

SOC 303 Macrosociological Theory syllabus.

SOC 344 Sociology of American Religion syllabus.

SOC 500 Advanced Seminar: Class Culture syllabus.