Development and International Economics

Rodgers, Yana van der Meulen. "A Role-Playing Exercise for Development and International Economics Courses." The Journal of Economic Education. 27 (Summer 1996) 217-223.

In this exercise, students play the roles of various ministers advising the president of a country on how to resolve the macroeconomic problems associated with a natural resource boom. In preparation, the instructor should inform students of the following scenario. In response to an OPEC decision to curtail oil production and raise the price of oil from under $15 a barrel to $30 a barrel, the Indonesian president has called a meeting of various ministers to discuss the oil boom’s potential economic impact and the government’s response. Each student takes the role of an Indonesian minister who must advise the president on the appropriate revenue allocation and on sensible policy changes. Ministries are listed in the article. The students prepare with a description of the exercise, discussion questions, and readings on natural resource booms and Dutch disease. The instructor assumes the role of the president and facilitates discussion using the assigned questions. Students are required to prepare a one to two minute opening statement followed by the discussion questions. Discussion follows. Modifications are also listed.