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Biodiversity  is   the  variety   of  all  life  forms  on   the   planet.    Future

generations depend on this variety, which is measured in genetic, species,

and ecosystem levels.  The changing of the Earth disrupts the ecosystems

and causes the  variety  of life forms to shrink.   Since  every  life form on

Earth is interdependent, the smallest disturbance can cause a significant

and possibly dangerous chain reaction.  Protecting the level of biodiversity

is crucial to the existence of life on Earth.


   Species 2000

Species 2000 has a goal to index and enumerate all the world's known species.  One can visit this site and use the species checklist to search for a particular species by common name, scientific name, or by references.  Use the Species Locator, link system or one of the extensive data sets to find all the information you need.

   Economic Valuation Tools: by International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

This site features four themes pertaining to the relation between biodiversity and economics: Finance, Incentives, Assessment, and Valuation.  It is full of helpful resources such as events, news, information on issues at stake, an extensive list of PDF documents to read through, and even a section called a resource kit which gives information on what one can do to help sustain biodiversity.

   Society for Conservation Biology (SCB)

This site contains information about the Society  for Conservation Biology.  Visit this site to find news articles, statistics, press releases, history, and the goals  of the SCB.

   Why Biodiversity is Important: Provided by Biodiversity 911

Here is a site that stresses the importance of biodiversity.

   Conservation International: Biodiversity Hot Spots

Look here to find a list of biodiversity hotspots, the history of the hotspot concept, a list of priority biodiversity hotspots and more.